Since 1997
Responsibilities completed
  • Consultant services specializing in making IT work for creatives in agencies or as freelance.
  • Advising and strategizing purchases, coordinating vendors, providing hardware/software support.
  • Providing training & Solving problems that allow you to focus on your creative self.
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Director of Technology

April 2015 to November 2016
Responsibilities completed
  • As the Director of Technology for 22squared I was responsible for the operation of the IT department across two locations and 300+ employees.
  • Focused on reducing complexity within IT, reducing costs, improving client and user experience, driving innovation and agility, leveraging better use of information, reducing risk and enabling growth.
  • Works with Training & HR to identify LMS solutions to reduce training/on-boarding times
  • Lead a team to standardize infrastructure across multiple branches, filling technology gaps and leveraging new technology to enhance community between remote geographic locations.
  • Lead the IT group in pursuit of ever evolving Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery Plans for all corporate information technology.
  • Lead a team of IT professionals translating client’s business requirements into functional system designs and then lead internal teams to create via third party vendors.
  • Served as a trusted human conduit thru which technology needs and requirements are communicated between creative units and IT department.
  • Led technology for a branch greenfield move in Tampa of 100+ users, aligning vendors and coordinating company wide upgrades of key technology components. End result was technology that contributed to high ranking in Tampa Bay Times Top workplaces 2016.
  • Led team in a major core infrastructure upgrade of all Firewalls, Switches, Wi-Fi access points across 300+ users and two locations.
  • Responsible for tracking and projection of operating expense budget ~$1.5M and capital project budget of ~$1M.
  • Led transition team to migrate Development practice to Amazon AWS.

Director of Creative Technology

BFG Communications
May 2013 to October 2014
Responsibilities completed
  • Served as the Senior Creative Technologist. Built relationships between clients, creative, strategy and IT to insure everyone understands technology and that our clients needs are exceeded. Insuring technology has a place in every client work stream as consumers continue to adopt mobile and adapt to the tech-enabled world they live in. Championing technologically enhanced creativity that lies at the heart of our value system.
  • Serve as a human conduit thru which technology needs are communicated between creative units and Information Technology.
  • Coordinator & Manager of IT projects that touch internal departments as well as clients.
  • Establisher of requirements and source vendors for technical build out of new office buildouts.
  • Coordinated & Managed projects with training & HR to identify LMS solutions to reduce training/on-boarding times.
  • Created a Technology Business Continuity Plan for corporate IT. (shortening critical paths and instituting remedies.)
  • Served as a technical liaison between BFG and South Carolina Parks, Recreation and Tourism for a welcome center renovation project. I work with their CIO and CTO to identify, vet and implement technology based on our User Experience teams recommendations for a project/marketing push launching 2015.
  • Lead a team to create a SaaS Digital Asset Management system in partnership with Widen for our client, South Carolina Parks, Recreation and Tourism to streamline workflow and provide digital asset accountability.
  • Vetted third party providers to provide automation solutions that permit HR to utilize newer SaaS vendor offerings enhancing the workflow for recruiting, hiring, employee appraisal processes.
  • Lead a team to create a company wide intranet to fill communication gaps and establish community between geographic locations.
  • Lead the charge to champion the creative purpose and are a driving force reinforcing long term decisions in technology are made with the creative end user experience in mind.

Information Technology Manager

The Creative Circus
May 2003 to May 2013
Responsibilities completed
  • Manage the technology needs of 260+ students and 50+ Faculty and 20+ Staff members in a 30,000 sq.ft. facility.
  • Budget, plan, manage & maintain IT for local corporate and academic environments.
  • Create a technology template to be used in expansion of the school to other cities.
  • Provide Macintosh and Windows technical support for students, staff and instructors.
  • Direct all IT budgeting, purchasing, planning, implementation and repair.
  • Manage access control and security, its budgets, needs and projections.
  • Recognized by RVP, CIO and CEO of parent organization for excellence of service.
  • Manage technology projects and recruit corporate IT staff to facilitate large implementations.
  • Analyze budgets and strategize implementation of technology, security and facility initiatives.
  • Routinely collaborate with network ops, telephony and directors to diagnose and solve technological issues.
  • Facilitate meetings to gather insight into the technology and facility needs of the students, faculty and staff.
  • Grew the schools computer labs from 24 lab computers to over 75 high powered computers in labs with HD projectors, video distribution with video editing capability.
  • Mentor via private one-on-one training, provide data recovery and computer maintenance for students, faculty
    and staff personal computers used for coursework.
  • Designed and oversaw buildout of 10,000 sq. ft creation of our new interactive wing with 5 new computer
    labs with HD projection, meeting and class rooms.
  • Manage vendors and provide regular evaluations to continually update and predict the technical/facility needs of the students.
  • Lead teams which provide support onsite or remotely for other sister schools with Apple based computer labs.
  • Manage theater presentation space, video distribution system, it’s technology, maintenance and operation.
  • Initiated the companies first deployment of iOS devices to our admissions staff for recruiting purposes.
  • Lead policy creation in technology for accreditation with C.O.E. educational accreditation.
  • Maintain Windows servers and OSX Servers for file, print and internal web server use.
  • Perform all new PC and Mac hardware/software installs and onsite troubleshooting
  • Teach and serve as guest speaker for technology based classes.
  • Plan and Implement infrastructure modifications.
  • Maintain VOIP telecommunications system.

Director of Technology

Antista Fairclough Design
2002 to 2003
Responsibilities completed
  • Managed design systems and their lateral interaction.
  • Directed all IT purchasing, planning, implementation and repair.
  • Planned and managed company web site programming and design.
  • Support principals presentations during off site marketing presentations.
  • Maintained Apple file servers, print servers, calendar/contact servers and designed and facilitated nightly backups and upgrades.

Technical Consultant

The Retrotechs
1999 to 2002
Responsibilities completed
  • I was responsible for maintenance and operation of servers, workstations, planning and overall implementation of technology across multiple clients at multiple locations.
  • Provided B-to-B and Macintosh technical direction, service and technology management for a vast array of different clients in many diverse situations.
  • Regularly exceeded billable quota and was consistently one of the top two highest billing consultants.
  • Planned resources to solve technological problems and challenges on time and under budget.
  • Managed technology as an external contractor for design firms around Atlanta.

Technical Analyst III

CNN & Turner Entertainment Group
1995 to 1999
Responsibilities completed
  • Singled out by the President of Turner Entertainment Group to move from CNN to TEG to support his executive team and become the Lead Macintosh technician for TEG.
  • Routinely collaborated with network ops, telephony and business unit managers to diagnose and solve technological issues.
  • Provided executive level support to Ted Turner, Hank Aaron and other executive Macintosh users and their supporting staff.
  • Instrumental in the design of an on-site call center and the migration to a remote assist based help desk.
  • Supported 300+ Macintosh users, three file servers and three calendar/contact servers.
  • 1.5 years of cross platform help desk support, 2.5 years senior Macintosh technician.
  • Maintained nightly backups for Turner Entertainment Group file and contact servers.
  • Led a third tier Macintosh support team for Turner Entertainment Group.